July 3, 2007

I'm Easily Amused

As part of the whirlwind-memory-making tour with grandma this past week, we visited an amusement park.

I think I can honestly say that the five other families that were at the park that day had just as much fun as our family did. Alright, so there may have been more than five families there, but it was pretty sparse. Don't believe me, take a look at these pictures.

The kids had their pick on every ride, and they could just sit there and ask to go again if their little hearts desired. We went all over the park, and had it that way most of the time. Every once in awhile we were forced to share but we are a hospitable family, and we made the sacrifice.

As you can see from the photos, it wasn't the most beautiful day, but for the most part it wasn't to bad. The weather that day had called for a little rain, and possibly severe thunderstorms. But every time I looked at satellite forecast over the area where the park is, it was always clear over that one area. Since it was Daddy's day off, we decided to take the risk, and I think it paid off. We had a lot of fun.

I guess I should say that most of us had fun. Baby Spice wasn't real sure this was such a fun place. First, she kept thinking she'd want to get on with her sisters, and then she'd change her mind. She finally decided she wanted to ride the boats with her sisters, and didn't change her mind until the boats started moving. Here's what she looked like as she rounded the corner the first time.

She finally did get the hang of that one, and quit screaming on about the third time around. She also was happily settled on daddy's shoulders when ....

We rounded the corner and saw those giant kiddie characters that all amusement parks must have. Apparently a dog with paws the size of her head frightened the poor girl a bit!

She was so scared that daddy could barely pry her off his head.

Fortunately, we are much more clever than dogs with giant paws, and we were able to outmaneuver them for the rest of the day.