October 10, 2007

A Little Child Shall Lead Them

Several weeks ago, our family was given the opportunity to attend a large Christian concert here, all five of us together! WOOT!! It was a sort of Jesus-palooza type of thing that had some amazing artist like Tomlin, Barlow Girl, Toby Mac and Super Chic[k]. We met some friends of ours there and while the guys generously sat with the kids up in G.A., I got to rock it out with my friend Kellie down front. It was so much fun!

It appears though, that I may have missed the real show. In the midst of Leeland's set, the guys took this photo of my baby girl. Surprisingly, she was not reaching for food or bubby-gum, nor was she trying to rip some hair out of the heads in front of her (none of which would have surprised me). Nope, she was just lifting her hands in worship and singing along with the crowd around her.

While I pray that one day her hands, no longer dimpled with baby fat, will worship from a grateful heart, for now I'll cherish her little baby imitations.

Jesus loves the little children ...