January 31, 2008

If only Paul had access to YouTube in his day ...

I taught a Bible Study today on the quality of discretion based on Titus 2:5. I'm honestly not sure how it went seeing as I was only about 60% there mentally. The Mack Truck parked in my head had impaired the other 40%. Thank you Lord for Isaiah 55:11.

For the past week I've had a sick, feverish and cranky baby. And after this morning, it's not only apparent that I have succumb to the bug, but my 4 year old just went to bed ... at 6pm. So it looks like the next week will be filled with even more fun. :P

So while I go pour myself a nice tall glass of NyQuil and snuggle up with a full box of kleenex, I give you a prime example of a situation that could benefit from a fair amount of discretion.