May 1, 2008

It's Edison Meets Lucas

Today was a much anticipated day around our house. Sporty's entire science grade for the 2nd grade rests on what happens today. That is A LOT of pressure.

It is "Invention Convention" day, and this morning the 8 year olds in her elementary will offer forth their inventions for a panel of teachers and peers (1st and 3rd graders) to review and judge*. And the competition is stiff. Last year the stand out invention was ... get this ... a table cloth with a hidden pocket ... a pocket designed to stuff your unwanted food into.

Hard to top that.

But I think she's come up with something pretty great. Not just an invention, but one with some clear marketability. (what mother in her right mind would buy that tablecloth I ask you???)

I'm proud to present to you a new game which we hope to have on the shelves in time for Christmas:

Star Wars: Galactic Wars

I have played this game twice and love the fact that all of us can play together. Although, I will say that I have officially been beaten by every member of my family. Every member. Yes, even this one ...

*Use of the word judge is probably a bit of an overstatement. In actuality she will probably get the same grade as the kid who is bringing in water and food coloring. His invention? Colored water. I'm not kidding.