May 9, 2008

No primates were harmed in the making of this post.

It's coming....

My Father-in-law's book will be released soon. I've just begun to read it now. Boy-howdy! Seriously good! You're gonna want to read it, but I'm afraid you can't ... not yet at least ... but soon. I know you wish you were as special as me and that you were given an advance copy, but I think you have to marry his son and produce some cute grand babies in order to get these special privileges. And since he only has one son, and I have no plans to give him up any time soon, you'll just have to wait until it's released.

This book has some incredible stories and will give you a greater understanding of the mid-east conflict, and the people who struggle to live in the midst of that conflict day in, and day out. The humanity hidden behind the headlines. Tass himself is responsible for eliminating so many of my own personal stereotypes in the two decades that I have known him.

(In fact, at 17, when I was invited to his home to share an authentic Arabic meal with the family, I was relieved to have one stereotype completely banished. I had seen Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, and I was pretty sure I knew what 'authentic' meant. Thankfully chilled monkey brain was not on the menu .... nor would it ever be. Surprisingly, that delightful story was not included in the book, it's just a little bonus I'm giving you. Feel free to use this anecdote as further proof that our public education system has failed us OR, as further proof that I was a complete idiot at the age of 17.)

September 15th is the release date. You can pre-order here or here.

In the meantime, you can read the blog here. We're hoping to post a few previews of what you'll find in the book so stay tuned for that.