October 30, 2007

Caution, objects on this blog are more sarcastic than they appear.

So earlier today, I thought it'd be funny to share a picture of my husband acting like his goofy self, and modeling the wig we bought for Sporty's Halloween costume. I think he was going for the Fabio look in that image. Unfortunately, my sarcasm didn't translate very well in this one-dimensional blog world.

Thankfully he can laugh at himself as well as make myself and everyone around laugh with him. In fact the picture below is such a great shot because as usual he was making me laugh.

So thank you honey, I always smile brighter when I'm around you.

But I think it's safe to assume that we've eliminated long blond hair as a style option for you!

More Frightening Than A Man In A Cheap Blond Wig

This whole Halloween thing is keeping me up at night.


It started a few weeks ago, when I went into the Halloween section of T@rget to pick up a little gift for a friend. The life sized Witch on display got Posh's full attention. She talked about it as we were leaving, and I was a little concerned that it might have scared her. It did, but she was able to move on.

Then last week, we determined that we were in need of a wig for Sporty's costume. Hannah Montana hair to be exact, so off we went in search of those golden locks. First, we went back to T@rget, but having navigated those aisles before I was able to avoid the witchy woman. Alas, no wig, so off we trucked to W@l-mart. No wig, BUT we were treated to the sight of a life-sized zombie who could completely remove his head from off his shoulders. He had been placed right in the middle of the main aisle so that you couldn't miss him. WHAT A TREAT! Next was P@rty World - again no wig but we did enjoy seeing all of the hairy looking vampire bats with blood drippings, and a group of nasty looking skeletons.

And finally, with no other options, we went off to the local Halloween store. One of those places that pops up in an empty retail shop for just this season. As we neared the entrance, I could see that they had mercifully place the children's section right near the front. Piece of cake. We walked through the doors, and all we had to do was quickly walk past a 7 foot tall butler, of the undead variety, holding a silver platter with dead rats on it. Yeah ... sure thing.

We did find the wig, but I think it cost us more than the $9.99 on the price tag. What they neglected to put on the tag was sleep. Sweet, precious, blissful sleep. Now, dark figures with glowing eyes chase my little Posh in her dreams. It's terribly heartbreaking. (and, at the risk of being permanently disbarred from the "mother of the year" club, it's becoming a tad inconvenient) :(

On the up side, we are now able to see what Baby Spice would look like if she had hair.

Unfortunately, this image will haunt my dreams for quite a long while. (*Updated to add that this is actually a picture of my husband goofing off. He's typically quite handsome ... you know without the long blond hair and all!)

October 10, 2007

A Little Child Shall Lead Them

Several weeks ago, our family was given the opportunity to attend a large Christian concert here, all five of us together! WOOT!! It was a sort of Jesus-palooza type of thing that had some amazing artist like Tomlin, Barlow Girl, Toby Mac and Super Chic[k]. We met some friends of ours there and while the guys generously sat with the kids up in G.A., I got to rock it out with my friend Kellie down front. It was so much fun!

It appears though, that I may have missed the real show. In the midst of Leeland's set, the guys took this photo of my baby girl. Surprisingly, she was not reaching for food or bubby-gum, nor was she trying to rip some hair out of the heads in front of her (none of which would have surprised me). Nope, she was just lifting her hands in worship and singing along with the crowd around her.

While I pray that one day her hands, no longer dimpled with baby fat, will worship from a grateful heart, for now I'll cherish her little baby imitations.

Jesus loves the little children ...

October 9, 2007

Because 'Fabulous' knows no age limitations

Sister's hat ... check
Other sister's glasses ... check
Mom's lipstick ... check

The girl KNOWS how to throw a look together!