January 31, 2008

If only Paul had access to YouTube in his day ...

I taught a Bible Study today on the quality of discretion based on Titus 2:5. I'm honestly not sure how it went seeing as I was only about 60% there mentally. The Mack Truck parked in my head had impaired the other 40%. Thank you Lord for Isaiah 55:11.

For the past week I've had a sick, feverish and cranky baby. And after this morning, it's not only apparent that I have succumb to the bug, but my 4 year old just went to bed ... at 6pm. So it looks like the next week will be filled with even more fun. :P

So while I go pour myself a nice tall glass of NyQuil and snuggle up with a full box of kleenex, I give you a prime example of a situation that could benefit from a fair amount of discretion.

January 29, 2008

Lunch Date

Several weeks ago we had lunch. It's something we've done throughout my life, and as usual there was a big group around. As is typical, in between treks through the buffet line, everyone was talking in and out of conversations, catching up on the comings and goings in all our lives.

I had the distinct pleasure of sitting right in the middle of it all, directly across the table from you. Taking in all of the commotion, your blue eyes still sparkled, and your smile appeared just as ornery as it did when I was twelve. I thought the world of you at that age. You were funny, strong and confident. One of my true heroes.

You took notice of the cute little girl seated to your left, snuggled in your own daughters arms. The quiet 4 year old possibly even reminding you of your little girl at that age. You spoke softly to her, but she was nervous, not sure how you fit into her world. Clearly, you felt the same way, because you asked your daughter whose child this was. Pointing across the table at me, she answered, "This is Addie's little girl." To which you replied, "Who is Addie?"

I thought I was ready for that moment, my head had known for awhile that this was going to happen. My heart however, was ill prepared, and instantly shattered at the shock of it all. Quickly plastering a smile on my face, I looked into your clear, bright eyes and said, "Hi Grandpa." Reaching across the table, I held your hand and watched as you struggled in vain to put all the puzzle pieces into place.

Alzheimer's may have taken your memories, but it hasn't robbed me of mine. So for now, I will remember enough for both of us. Thank you for every hard choice you made in your life. Those decisions only served to bless mine many years later. Thank you for all the times you teased, and laughed with me, my confidence grew with every encounter. Thank you for every wink, smile and hug. I never understood until now, that the positive effects of those actions can last for decades.

Believe it or not, this was my best option for a photo. Even though I look like I just caught a whiff of stinky cheese. Stupid sun in my eyes! Ah well.