August 3, 2007

Because I Feel As If Photographic Evidence Is Necessary.

We came, We saw, We took a nap.
Our family chewed up the month of July, and spit it out. And I got photos to prove it.

The photos are from Summer Breakout (an edgy version of VBS), family vacation, and one shot from Soccer camp, because it has consumed my life this week.)

Sadly, there were a few things I didn't get a picture of. For one, Sporty doing a belly-flop dive off the diving board, as well as the security guard who would not stop following us through the museum. We had planned on sticking a Renoir in Baby's diaper bag, but alas our plans were foiled!

I did get a 'lovely' shot of the family posed in the beautiful dining room of a nineteenth century mansion. However, I looked horrid in it, so it will never see the bloggy light of day. Now if the kids had all been cross-eyed, and Ben was facing the wrong way, but I was lookin' good, well then, you would have definitely been able to enjoy that shot! ;-)

(And can I just say how much I love this Slideroll slideshow. They should call it Slideshow's for dummies and frumpy stay-at-home moms with no ultra cool software. Eh, maybe Slideroll is a better name after all.)