August 23, 2007

Eat Your Veggies

Last night during our devotions, Sporty and I read the story of when Elijah was taken miraculously up to heaven out of her bible. Before we started I told her that Elijah was a prophet and asked her if she knew what a prophet was. Here is the following conversation:

Me: Do you know what a prophet is?
Sporty: Jonah was a prophet.

said with a smirk and the same cadence as the song from this movie. As in:
"Jonah was a prophet, (Oo-ooh)!
But he never really got it (Sad but true)!"
M: Riiigght. Elijah and Jonah had the same job, so what was Jonah's job?
S: Ummmm, (thoughtfully holding index finger to lips) He delivered messages from the Lord! (also helped along with lyrics from this song, from the same movie.)

So we talked about why there were so many prophets in the Old Testament, (they spoke scripture before the Bible was completed and before people had eleventy hundred versions laying around their homes) And then we talked a little about what a prophet might look like today to which she said:

S: Seedee! (spelled phonetically for you. It's our name for Ben's dad.) Seedee is a prophet! He delivers messages from the Lord to people far away.
M: (contented sigh) Yes, baby, yes he does. :D

And there you have it! Proof that an asparagus can teach the bible, and so can a middle e@sterner. Both a worm (that fancies himself a caterpillar) and a grandpa.

Seedee with his girls at bedtime. Their last hug before he left to do more prophety type things.