August 11, 2008

She Has Been Fined For Several Rubber Ducky's Rights Violations

I think most parents would agree that one of our main jobs in parenting is to create self-sufficient people out of those cute little balls of wrinkled skin they place in our arms at the hospital. And if we can just get them to clean-up after their own mistakes, we consider ourselves a huge success.

People, let me just show you what success looks like: (WARNING: this photo is not for the faint at heart. But if it does bother you, try to let it just roll off you. Like water off a duck's back.)

Success, it ain't always pretty!

She was trying to clean-up after she had another 'accident'. The clean-up after her "clean-up" took a VERY long time. And I'm not sure all the anti-bacterial soap and scalding hot water in the world would make me or the ducks feel completely clean. (Is it safe to bathe in Clorox?)

And don't be fooled by those sweet little fuchsia smiles. They are crying on the inside. And somewhere out there, a big, pink, momma ducky is grieving for her babies.