October 30, 2008

Reviews Coming In

The Book is out and I of course LOVED it, but as LeVar Burton used to say on Reading Rainbow, "You don't have to take my word for it ..." because my word is slightly biased and based on a desire for all of my Father in Law's hard work to be a success.

OK, LeVar didn't ever say that last part.

Anyway, people are reviewing it and seeing all of the same positive elements in the book that I loved so much. So here are a couple of reviews from people that do not share a common last name with the author:

Consuming Worship: "the book is a real eye-opener for someone like me who has always been a firm (sometimes zealous) supporter of Israel. When you peek into the life of a Palestinian born in a tent near the beginnings of the last century’s conflict between Jews and Arabs, you cannot help but have your worldview shifted somewhat—maybe not so much a shift in thought but an increased clarity because of learning about the other side of the issue."

Jeff Adams: (Our former pastor, and Daddy to one of my closest friends)
"a tangible example of God’s power to change lives. There is no other explanation that makes sense."

Jennifer at A Quiver Full: "I was encouraged, educated and led to examine the scriptures pertaining to the descendants of Isaac and Ishmael in a new light."

So there you go. It really is a great book! Buy it, request it at your library or borrow from a friend you know named Addie, whatever, just read it. I think with today's volatile climate it's such an important book to open your eyes a bit to God's worldview. Forget all the rhetoric that you may have heard from the religious right or the liberal left, what does God think about this often forgotten people group? And what lengths is he willing to go just to reach them?