April 17, 2008

No Trench Coats Allowed At This Party

I wanted to do something fun for his birthday this year. He had a scheduled rehearsal for that evening so I figured we'd just bring the party to him. We called it a flash mob birthday party.

(If the term flash mob gives you a scary visual as to what exactly we did for his birthday, PLEASE GO HERE, and be assured that no birthday suits were involved in this birthday party.)

It was so much better than I had hoped. We had a bunch of people show up and he was totally surprised. It was the quickest party I've ever been to at only about 15 minutes. I've since decided that I think all birthday party should be that short. We sang, we ate yummy cupcakes that were topped with white chocolate storm troopers (Ben had a special, larger cupcake with a darth vader on the top) and to finish off our party we ran a short video that we hoped would both embarrass him and remind him how much we appreciated him all that same time.

Mission Accomplished.

Once I had the idea, So many people picked it up and ran with it. Thanks to EVERYONE who came and helped me carry this plan out. You were the perfect birthday gift!!! Unfortunately, quick party's don't allow much videotaping time, but you can see the video that we put together to surprise him with.

(side note, I would love to tell you that any young ladies you see him with in this video were girlfriends he had before me. Really I would LOVE to be able to tell you that. Let's just say that my Junior prom did not bode well for the ozone layer.)